MIXED COMPANY is a conversational party game for all ages.
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  • It's fun! Everyone enjoys having their voice heard, their opinions expressed, debating, or talking about a topic they know something about.
  • The MIXED COMPANY game allows for every topic imaginable to be discussed between any group of people. Some topics may otherwise never be talked about in that group of people if it weren't for this game.
  • The MIXED COMPANY game creates the opportunity for, gives permission to, and provides direction for people of all ages and demographics to talk.

  • TOKENS: These are used to vote on TOPIC CARDS and to spend on ACTIONS and CHALLENGES.
  • TOPIC CARDS: These cards are conversation topics, each with a rating of: All Ages, 13+, or NSFW.
    • Example: "Which video game world would be the most fun to live in?" (All Ages)
    • Example: "What is life’s purpose: work or leisure?" (13+)
    • Example: "If you had to wipe out an entire demographic, which one would it be? (Rapists, Lawyers, Politicians, etc)" (NSFW)
  • ACTION CARDS: These cards allow players to engage each other by spending TOKENS. Successfully used cards are kept until the end of the game if keeping score.
    • Example: "Sorry for the Interruption" calls out someone for interrupting and you get to take 1 of their TOKENS.
    • Example: "Tell us what you think" lets someone talk you want to hear from, costing you 1 TOKEN.
    • Example: "Give me 1 more minute" lets you finish what you were saying, costing you 1 TOKEN.
  • CHALLENGE CARDS: These cards allow a player to challenge any other player, costing 3 TOKENS each. The winner keeps all TOKENS. If the challenged player declines the challenge, other players can optionally choose to spend 2 TOKENS to force the challenge.
    • Example: "Can't say the word ___". If the player uses that chosen word one time for the rest of this round, the player fails the challenge.
    • Example: "Play Devil's Advocate". The player must take the opposite position for the rest of the round.
  • TROPHY CARDS: These cards allow players to reward other players at the end of each round. These cards are kept until the end of the game if keeping score.
    • Example: "I learned something".
    • Example: "You changed my mind".
    • Example: "Most fun to listen to".

  • Each game is 3 rounds.
  • Players can optionally write a new TOPIC CARD to play.
  • All players submit at least 1 TOPIC CARD. All players vote on which submitted topic cards they like the most, voting with TOKENS. The 3 TOPIC CARDS with the most votes become the 3 cards used for the 3 rounds of the game.
  • Each round starts with that round's TOPIC CARD and all TOKENS spent for voting on that exact card are given back to the players. Each player has their own unique color of TOKENS. TOKENS can only be spent in that round on ACTION CARDS or CHALLENGE CARDS. Unspent TOKENS at the end of the round can not be used in future rounds.
  • At the start of each round, which ever player submitted that TOPIC CARD is the player that starts the conversation about that topic.
  • Any player can use any ACTION CARDS or CHALLENGE CARDS that they have enough TOKENS for at any time during the round. Some cards don't cost any TOKENS and instead reward players more TOKENS.
  • Conversations typically unfold somewhat naturally: There are no designated turns or required time limits on how long someone can or can not talk. Everyone should be given the opportunity to speak at some point if they choose to. Players are expected to be respectful.
  • Rounds can go as long as everyone wants them to. There is no hard time limit. However, 5 minutes per round is typical. At the end of every round, every player must give 1 of their TROPHY CARDS to any other player of their choosing.
  • Players aren't required to talk about a subject they are uncomfortable discussing.
  • If keeping score: the player who has earned the most total Cards (rewarded TROPHY CARDS, won CHALLENGE CARDS, and spent ACTION CARDS) at the end wins.

  • Detailed instructions on setting up the game and game rules will be provided with the game when purchased.

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