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A Conversationally Engaging Card Game
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How to Play

#1) Create Your Question Card Deck!

Choose from Question Cards including All Ages, 16+, NSFW, or other expansion packs, to put together a variety of questions for your group.

#2) Deal out the cards

Deal out Question Cards , Trophy Cards , Action Cards , Challenge Cards and Vote Cards to each player.

#3) Choose Questions

Each player puts out one of their Question Cards and then uses their Vote Cards to vote for the question they want to talk about.

#4) Question Round

Have your conversation! You can choose to use only the top pick from the selected Question Cards or go for three rounds. During the Conversation Phase for each Question Card you’ll play your Action Cards and Challenge Cards . After each Conversation Phase, you’ll award a Trophy Card .

#5) Wrap Up

If you need to know who “won”, count up your points and see who got the most points.

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