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Mixed Company: A Conversationally Engaging Card Game will be available for backing on Kickstarter in 45 days, starting June 4, 2019!

We’ve been working on creating a card game that sparks engaging conversations for over a year now. Playtesting, creating and editing cards and graphics, generating questions, getting into exciting discussions with people from around the country and sometimes the world.

But we need YOU to make this game happen!

Game production costs for a small independent company like ours (we’re two people and some awesome and amazing volunteers!) are steep and we need help to get going. We’ve reviewed different options for how to do that from angel investors to other crowdfunding platforms, and elected to move forward with Kickstarter as our funding source for the first edition of Mixed Company.

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We’ll need all the backers we can get to fund in the first day of the campaign. Statistically, games that don’t fund very early are unlikely to make it on a platform with as many choices as Kickstarter has. We need people to back us early to get the publicity needed to keep our momentum going!

We’re looking forward to having you as one of our premier Kickstarter backers this Summer!

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