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The game is recommended to be played over 3 rounds. Each player will be engaged, getting to Vote on what Question Cards they prefer to discuss, Challenging other players before each conversation round, responding with Actions during conversation rounds, and awarding Trophies to other players after each conversation round. When all rounds are over, tally up the total number of Actions, Challenges, and Trophies each player has accumulated to declare a winner.

Based on the age group you are playing with, you may want to remove the pink NSFW cards or blue 16 and Up cards. All green question cards are suitable for All Ages.

Deal 3 rounds worth of cards to each player.

Each player chooses 1 Question Card from their hand to submit face up for everyone to Vote on in the next step. The remaining 2 Question Cards in each player's hand are discarded. A grand total of 6 Question Cards face up are always needed as the final amount on the table, so if you are playing with less than 6 players, draw random cards from the deck after all players have submitted 1 card to the center of the table, until there are 6 total Question Card face up.

In the example animation below, there are 3 players that have each submitted 1 card to the center and then 3 more cards are randomly drawn from the deck.

After all players are finished reading all 6 Question Cards that are on the table, they will then get to Vote on them. Each player will choose exactly 3 Vote Cards in their hand and use those 3 Vote Cards on any of the 6 Question Cards on the table, any way they want to. Play the Vote Cards face down so all voting remains private until all players are finished voting. Each player will discard the remaining 3 Vote Cards they did not use.

Any Question Card with a Veto Vote Card will be immediately removed from play. 1 No Vote Card is worth -1 point a 1 Yes Vote Card is worth +1 point. Which ever 3 Question Cards have the highest amount of Points becomes the 3 Question Cards played, 1 per round for the game's 3 Question Rounds.

Before each Question Round starts, each player should choose 1 Challenge Card from their hand to Challenge another player with for this round's conversation. Challenges last for that entire Question Round.

For example if another player challenges you with the "Counter Point" challenge, you have to take the opposite view point you normally would: if the Question Card for this round is "Should Pineapple be on Pizza?" and you love pineapple on pizza, you must take the stance of why Pineapple should not be on Pizza.

Which ever player played the Question Card that is the card for this round's conversation, gets to start the conversation. If the card was from a random deck draw, then it is a free for all and anyone can start the conversation.

During this Question Round, each player can play any of their Action Cards. The goal is to play all 3 Action Cards before all 3 Question Rounds are over. Some rounds you may not play an Action Card, other rounds you might play more than 1 of your Action Cards.

When you are ready to play an Action Card, place it face down on the table in preparation to flip it over after the person currently talking is done talking, to not interrupt them. You may place it when someone else is talking, signaling that you’re “in line” to use it as soon as they come to the conclusion of their statement.

When it is time that you can now play your Action Card: you may use the Action Card on the person who is currently speaking, or turn the conversation to someone else and direct it to them.

For example if you played the action card "Give Me More Details", it would require the player you targeted to elaborate further. Although Challenge Cards last for the entire round, Action Cards last only a moment.

If the person you ask is able to do what the Action Card required, you keep the Action Card face up as a +1 point.

If they are not able to do what the Action Card required, they keep the Action Card face down as -1 point.

After each Question Round is over, you should determine who won the Challenges and award Trophies. Every Action Card that any player still has in their hand they were unable to play will count as -1 point for that player.

All of the other players will judge and decide, with a quick discussion, if you successfully completed your Challenge which will determine whether you earned a point (turn the challenge face up and keep it as a +1 point for yourself) or failed the challenge (give the card back to the person who challenged you and they keep it as a +1 point for themselves).

Each player will choose from their remaining Trophy Cards they were dealt at the beginning of the game, and award 1 Trophy Card to another player of their choosing, based on the relevancy of the trophy card and how that round's conversation went.

After all 3 rounds are over and the game has wrapped up, tally up the grand total points each player has. Which ever player has the most points is the winner!

Now that you know how to play, you can:

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