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Get your copy of Mixed Company today!

You can order your own 4 Player Pack and Home Edition Questions Pack to play with your friends and family. Use the links below to purchase your copies.

4 Player Pack

All the player cards you need for four people to join in a game of Mixed Company with any of our printed or print on demand question card packs. Challenge each other to take on new perspectives, vote for your favorite questions, and create some new questions of your own.

  • 24 Voting Cards
  • 12 Trophy Cards
  • 12 Challenge Cards
  • 12 Action Cards
  • 3 Blank Question Cards
  • 5 Rule Cards
Mixed Company 4 Player Pack
Core Game
Print and Play
$13.99 +Shipping

Home Edition Question Pack

Our top 50 questions +4 bonus questions! After playing hundreds of games with people around the US, these questions stood out as the most popular game after game. Perfect to pair with the 4 Player Pack. With an assortment of All Ages and Age 16+ questions, you’ll be jumping into engaging discussions right away.

  • 32 All Ages Cards
  • 22 Age 16+ Cards

Choose your questions to set the tone for your game every time you play!

Mixed Company Home Edition
Question Pack
Print and Play
$10.99 +Shipping

What are "Print on Demand" cards?

Print on Demand cards are physical cards you purchase that will be shipped to you, from our product listings.

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What are "Print and Play" cards?

Print and Play cards are digital ".pdf" files you purchase directly from us that you can download immediately and print the cards yourself, or you can take the pdf files to any local print shop and ask them print to copies for you.

Any Print and Play cards you have previously purchased will always be available to download from your My Downloads page, found at your Account page.

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